An Overview of Lower Back Pain in Women

Regular human activities like walking, standing and lifting sustain themselves from the energy and strength received from lower back muscles. The five bones of vertebrae get interconnected by the lower back ligaments and in turn support and stabilize the low back.  Lower back pain in women may spring up when an abrupt or forceful action on their part may injure a weak or stiff ligament that has been subjected to overuse and improper conditioning.  Obesity and smoking may also contribute to lower back pain in women.

Ageing is also a prominent cause for the origin of lower back pain. The reduction in bone amount, reduced muscular elasticity and strength; and significant diminution of ligament’s strength and elastic nature may present frequent strains and sprains causing persistent and recurrent lower back pain for women. Women, after their menstrual cycle comes to an end, should be extra careful while lifting objects or carrying out their daily chores as a fall or wrong posture may spell doom for the lumbar vertebrae in the form of a fracture or compression. This will be acutely complemented by weak bones which have started losing out on their strength. Certain gynecological problems may also cause lower back pain in women.

The above causes of lower back pain cannot be completely done away with from taking their toll, but their effect can be significantly reduced.  Eating a balanced diet that supplies the body adequately with necessary amount of calcium, fluorine and other nutrients needed to avert the onset of weakening of bones; doing work outs and muscle toning on regular basis; getting one self acquainted with the correct procedure to lift objects and move them to avoid strain and subsequent spraining the lower back ligaments; and keeping away from smoking are some of the most convenient and easy methods to keep lower back pain in women at bay.

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