Best Exercises for Back Pain during Pregnancy

Lower back pain during pregnancy can ruin the fun of the most joyful period in a woman’s life. Severe back pain and discomfort is experienced by many women during pregnancy. There are many reasons behind this including increased body weight, large belly size, wrong posture, inadequate rest hormonal change, urinal infection, bladder infection and a lot more. Exercises can prove to be a great rescue from lower back pain during pregnancy.

There are many easy and effective exercises women can choose to perform during pregnancy to obtain relief from back pain. However, these exercises must be performed under professional guidance. Any attempt of performing exercises or physical strain on the body can prove fatal for the foetus and harmful for your body.

The best exercises recommended for obtaining relief from lower back pain during pregnancy include those targeting back and abdominal muscles. These may be a little difficult for pregnant women. However, the exercises are designed in a fashion to offer maximum benefits to a pregnant woman without producing any harm to her or the foetus.

Exercises to get relief from lower back pain during pregnancy:

Wall Squat

This is an easy yet very effective exercise recommended for pregnant women. It works towards offering adequate strength to back, quads and hips. Stand with back firm against a wall. The feet should be approximately eighteen inches apart. Now glide down the wall in a very slow motion.  Keep sliding until you reach sitting position. Make sure you knees are at a ninety degree angle. You can also keep them at 45 degrees if you find it difficult to reach the ninety degree target. Hold on to the position for 5 seconds. Raise your body back up.


Lean your neck and head forward onto a birth ball (pregnancy ball). Keep hips up in the air. Now slowly lower hips to the floor. Rise up. You can use base to push.


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