Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain

At times, lower back pain can be aggravated by sleeping on the wrong type of mattress. This can cause many sleepless nights as pain sufferers toss and turn, trying to find the most comfortable position to sleep in.

Take it to the Floor

Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain

Many individuals have chosen to sleep on the floor for relief. However, sleeping on the floor may do more harm than good as getting up and down from the floor could increase any lower back pain you may already be experiencing. It would be far more beneficial to choose a specially designed mattress for lower back pain.

A Firm “No”

People have long believed that sleeping on a firm (hard) mattress was best for those suffering from back pain. Researchers in Spain, though, would disagree, finding that people were twice as likely to report relief from back pain symptoms when sleeping on a medium-firm mattress at night.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Studies have also shown that memory foam mattresses may be the best mattress for lower back pain. Traditional mattresses with box springs contain coils that apply pressure to the back, further irritating the area of pain. Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, are made from a soft material that can conform to your body’s shape. It does this by responding to both your body’s heat and pressure, allowing for even distribution of your body weight.

Choose Your Sleep Number

Sleep number beds, using air chambers, give users the opportunity to find the right amount of firmness on both sides of the bed. Since they use air instead of coils, the amount of pressure put on the lower back is greatly decreased. This is definitely one option that should be considered when looking for the best mattress for lower back pain.

The Best Mattresses for Lower Back Pain

Sleep Innovations 8″ Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress

Made in the U.S.A. through an eco-friendly manufacturing process, this mattress can help provide relief from muscle and joint pain. It helps to decreasing pressure points on the body and decrease motion transfer between partners when someone enters or exits the bed. The two layers of memory foam will not only conform to the shape of your body, but expend any transfer of body heat.

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Luxury Grand King 14 inch Memory Foam Mattress

The Luxury Grand King mattress not only contours to your body, but using DualAirflow, it will respond to your body temperature to prevent overheating while sleeping. The three layers of polyurethane foam topped with four layers of memory foam are sure to provide you with the full night’s rest you have been searching for.

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PureBliss® Premier Memory Foam Mattress – 9″

Every piece of this TruCell memory foam mattress was made in the United States. At nine inches thick with four pounds of memory foam, this mattress will give you the highest level of support, giving your spine the opportunity to remain in a uniform position. The PureBliss Premier Memory Foam Mattress can also conform to your body temperature and weight; keeping the temperature down at night and decreasing pressure points – providing optimal sleeping conditions.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Doctors have stated that there is not one “magic mattress” that is going to be the best mattress for lower back pain. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to mattresses and how they like to sleep. The best recommendation is to try out different mattresses in store and find one that suits your sleeping and back pain needs.

Buying a new mattress is definitely an investment, but a worthwhile one. For sufferers of lower back pain, finding the right mattress could mean the difference between waking up feeling refreshed and being tired and in pain all day long.