Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain

Sitting at a desk working eight or more hours per day can be a daunting task if you suffer from lower back pain. It can be made even worse if you have an uncomfortable office chair that further aggravates your back.

Best Office Chair for Lower Back PainThis is why it is important to find a specifically designed office chair for lower back pain.

Ergonomic Chairs

An ergonomic chair is meant to be more comfortable than the average chair, and reduce the amount of stress placed on the back and hips. In turn, individuals will be able to focus less on their back pain and more on the task at hand, allowing them to be more efficient at work. There are three basic types of ergonomic chairs that consumers should know about when choosing to purchase an office chair: the High Back Ergonomic Chair, the Ergonomic Task Chair and the Ergonomic Kneeling Chair.

High Back Ergonomic Chairs combine the basic features of an ergonomic chair and adds additional features such as massage and heating units, ample arm, leg and seating space and leather material.  The Ergonomic Task Chair is the most basic of the three, this chair offers the most back support and encourages good posture. Alternatively, you will feel a decrease in pressure on various parts of the body when sitting in the Ergonomic Kneeling Chair. Pressure is transferred to the lower portion of the body, giving you the relief you desire.

The Most Important Features to Look For

Ergonomic chairs, in order to be fully comfortable, must allow users to adjust the seat to their desired level of comfort. When searching for the best office chair for lower back pain, ensure that the seat height, backrest, lumbar support region, and armrests are all adjustable. Also important is the seat’s ability to swivel effortlessly. The easier an ergonomic chair swivels, the better access users have to their desk and surrounding areas, which means less stretching, leaning and other awkward movements that may further aggravate the back. A comfortable, well-padded seat is also important for providing support when sitting for extended periods of time.

Office Star SPACE Collection: Air Grid Task Chair with Mesh in Black

The Office Star SPACE Collection has a variety of ergonomic features, making it a great choice for those suffering from lower back pain. This chair allows users to adjust the height of their seat with only one touch! It also boasts a substantial padded seat with built-in lumbar spine support. Additional features include mesh backing, adjustable tilt control and adjustable, angled arms – all of which can help with lower back comfort.

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ITALMODERN Beetle Low Back Office Chair

Designed specifically for those with lower back pain in mind, this chair is both stylish and comfortable. The Beetle Low Back Office Chair is made from bungee cords and loops which provide for a comfortable seated experience. One of the main features is a locking mechanism that allows users to adjust the tension on their back to their desired level. Use of this chair is said to be able to reduce complaints of neck and back pain over time.

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High Back Executive Leather Ergonomic Office Chair O14

Made with soft, comfortable leather and a generous amount of padding in the seating area, this chair is designed for those looking for comfort and an ergonomic chair to help with lower back pain. It boasts high back support, therefore you entire back- upper and lower is guaranteed to be supported whilst sitting at your desk. It can swivel 360 degrees, allowing for ample movement around your desk area – no more stretching and leaning in for things. Comfortable arm rests and adjustable seat height make this a great choice as well.

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For over twenty years ergonomic chairs have been hailed as the best office chair for lower back pain. They can be costly, but the chair will surely pay for itself with long-term pain relief. As with any other major purchase, try different chairs in stores before you settle on one in order to be sure to find the right chair for you.

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