Causes & Symptoms

Learn about the Causes and Symptoms of Lower Back Pain in both men and women and also on the right side and left sides of the back

An overview of Lower back pain in women

Regular human activities like walking, standing and lifting sustain themselves from the energy and strength received from lower back muscles .

Preventive Measures for Lower Back Pain in Women

Lower Back pain is likely to affect most women because with women engage in somewhat repetitive daily activities, some of which include significant movement and even heavy lifting .

Go for immediate treatment if you have severe lower back pain

Lower Back pain is the most commonly occurring musculoskeletal disorder which may occur due to the misuse of the back muscles or by exerting too much load on the back .

Exercises to Reduce Lower Back Pain Left Side

Lower back pain, left side is a medical condition that several people go through .

Lower back pain in women: Fun and Engaging modern therapy

Lower back pain in women assumes chronic proportion with advancing age and may surface any time in the healthy life process due to improper postures adopted and putting undue pressure on the vertebral ligaments .

Lower back pain in women: Gynecological linkages

Pertinacious and never ceasing lower back pain in women can have their roots in gynecological troubles afflicting the women .

Common Causes for Lower Back Pain in Women

Lower back pain can be really painful and can greatly affect the quality of life for a woman .

Facts about Severe Lower Back Pain

Severe lower back pain is among those common diseases by which every four in five people are suffering from .

Cystitis causing severe lower back pain

The human body is very prone to the various changes in the external environment as well as internal conditions including the temperature of the body .

Lower Back Pain Left Side

Alternative Treatment for Lower Back Pain on the Left Side

Lower back pain on the left side has been a regular ailment for a very long time .

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