Causes of Lower Back Pain in Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Most women have a tendency to develop lower back pain during pregnancy, especially during their third semester. This is a common problem. Knowing exact causes of the problem can help you ease pain and even enjoy pain free pregnancy. Once you are aware of the causes of lower back pain during pregnancy, you can fix the problem.

Here are some of the main causes of lower back pain in third trimester:

Bad Posture

This is one of the major reasons for lower back pain during pregnancy. Most women practice wrong posture while walk around and sitting. This results in stress in neck and lower back. Wrong posture can prove to be a disaster for your lower back during pregnancy.

Wrong Sleeping Habits

It is important to sleep well while you are pregnant. However, it is equally important to sleep right. Avoid straining your back while sleeping. Choose a mattress that gives adequate support to your spine. Make sure it is not too soft or too hard. Purchase mattress from a reputed brand to avoid complications.

Lifting Heavy Objects

Try to lift heavy objects during pregnancy can also cause lower back pain during pregnancy. Many women lift heavy objects such as a heavy purse; pull heavy chairs, grocery items etc unknowingly. This is very risky for lower back.

Stand/Sit for a Long Time

Standing or sitting for a long time can result in sever back pain. The strain caused in the lower back due to following same position for an extended period of time leads to pain and discomfort.

Other Causes of Pain in Lower Back during Pregnancy

Some of the other notable causes of lower back pain in pregnant women include the following listed below:

  • Bladder infection
  • Pre-term labor symptoms
  • Real labor symptoms
  • Obesity
  • Extra weight of belly
  • Wearing high heels

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