Common Causes Behind Lower Back Pain Left Side

Lower back pain is one of the most common problems that people from almost all age groups face. It may be mild or strong. Often, people face lower back pain on the left side on a frequent basis. That is when one must consider seeking the help of a physician.

Lower back pain left side often occurs due to common reasons. This article will discuss on some of the most common reasons behind lower back pain.

lower back pain left side Pain due to kidney infection – People, who have an infected kidney, may feel tenderness around their upper hips. They can also experience pain when their bladder gets full, and at times, the pain reaches the genital area too. Many people experience pain while urinating. All these symptoms indicate a severe kidney infection. In this case, one must not ignore the back pain and must consult with a doctor right away.

Pain due to pregnancy – Pregnant women often experience back pain in the lower part of their body. As the uterus grows, the body undergoes hormonal changes. The expansion of the uterus leads to the shifting of the center of gravity of the body. Also, the abdominal muscles start stretching and weakening. Thus, the posture of the body changes and it often leads to straining the lower back. At times, the uterus puts pressure on a nerve and cause pain. Hormonal changes may lead to the loosening of the ligaments and joints that connect the pelvic bone to the spine. This can also be a reason behind sudden lower back pain on the left side. In case the pain gets unbearable, one must seek medical attention.

Pain while breathing – Experiencing lower back pain on the left side while breathing could be a sing of a muscular injury. Spasms in the muscle cells may lead to pain when the body moves suddenly. A pulled diaphragm muscle can be the reason behind a radiating pain throughout the chest, back and the abdomen. In extreme cases, pulmonary or cardiac issues may lead to lower back pain while breathing.

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