Common Causes for Lower Back Pain in Women

Lower back pain can be really painful and can greatly affect the quality of life for a woman.  Numerous causes can be attributed to this condition.

Lumbar strains triggered by wrong body movement or incorrect lifting postures, injury induced nerve irritations, wear and tear sustained by a stiff ligament of vertebral region, obesity induced stress on inter vertebral column, arthritis, smoking induced occlusion of arteries and restricted flow of blood to the lumbar spine are some of the common causes for lower back pain in women.

Certain organ dysfunctions or diseases can conduce to lower back pain in women, like appendicitis and bladder infections.

Pregnancy is also an attributable cause for lower back pain. Expectant mothers get their upper body region considerably overweight during pregnancy months which puts tremendous stress on the lower spinal region.  Pregnancy will always pave way for lower back pain owing to the biological changes it brings about in the body of expectant mothers. The growth in size of the in lying fetus and consequent stepping up of body mass will make the expectant feel a forward pull to balance the bulging stomach. This pull is to be adequately compensated by getting the upper body to lean back. Such movement creates tremendous strain on the muscles and ligaments of the lumbar spine region causing lower back pain in women. The pain can be caused to subside slightly by taking recourse to gentle exercises like stretching and through application of heat and ice packs.

Variegated ovarian disorders and malfunctions pertaining to uterus can spring up unwanted changes in reproductive parts giving rise to lower back pain in women. Self help home therapies should not be resorted to upon surfacing of back pain symptoms. A gynecologist should be consulted and a thorough check up should be arranged. Medication and injection course should be avidly complied.

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