Common Types of Lower Back Pain during Pregnancy

Lumbar and Posterior Pelvic Pain

Pregnant women usually experience two most common types of lower back pain, namely lumbar pain and posteriors pelvic pain. Lumbar pain will occur in lumbar vertebrae region in the lower back. Posterior pelvic pain can be felt towards the pelvis back. Reports have also mentioned that some women can experience both lumbar and pelvis lower back pain during pregnancy.

Lumbar Pain

Lumbar pain is similar to the regular back pain that you have experienced before pregnancy. You can feel this pain over your spine. This is just at the waist level. The pain may sometimes travel to legs. This is usually due to long sitting and standing hours. Lower back pain during pregnancy can get worse when the day ends.

Posterior Pelvic Pain

Posterior pelvic pain is more common during pregnancy. The pain is felt on the lower part of the body. The major part of pain is felt on inner buttocks, back of thighs, sides of thighs etc. The pain is more common among pregnant women who undergo strenuous activities such as excess walking, lifting weight, twisting, climbing stairs etc.


Lower back pain during pregnancy is usually confused with sciatica. Sciatica is actually leg pain. This is often worse than lower back pain. You can easily feel the pain below your knee. Sometimes the pain travels to foot and then to the toes. Other symptoms of sciatica include sensation of pins/needles in legs, tingling and numbness in legs.

Pregnant women should not take lower back pain lightly. It is important to consult a doctor as soon as possible to get relief. Your doctor will suggest you some exercises to ease the pain. Practicing healthy walking, sitting and sleeping postures will also help you a great deal. It is also good to buy comfortable footwear that does not have heels. All the best!

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