Cystitis causing severe lower back pain

The human body is very prone to the various changes in the external environment as well as internal conditions including the temperature of the body.

Pollution is degrading our eco systems and environment. This in its turns is calling up on our health. Researchers are citing more and  more new factors affecting our health every couple of days. The contamination in air, pollution of land and water are leaving no space for a particular to live peacefully and healthy. The major sections of human Central nervous system are Brain and Spinal Cord. The spinal cord is more susceptible to the jerks and infection causing severe lower back pain. This may seem to be ignorant but if not diagnosed and treated in time it may lead to the several severe health hazards.

There are several diseases (infectious as well as non infectious in nature) causing severe lower back pain. The most prominent of them are cystitis, pleurodynia, sprain, etc. Of them cystitis is the one caused by infection. Here it is described in detail.

Cystitis is the disease which is caused by the infection on urinary bladder causing severe lower back pain. To be more technical we can say that it is the condition of acute inflammation of the above said urinary bladder. This bladder is the sac for storing urine. Hence by nature it has high resistance against infection and it is also characterized by a lining of mucous membrane which adds to its immunity against infection. In spite of such protection the infection is caused because of the organs present in the neighborhood like the kidney and others (in female the vagina and urethra and in male the prostate and urethra). The common symptoms are a burning sensation after the process of extraction of the urination as well as severe lower back pain.

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