Diseases that cause Severe Lower Back Pain

The human body doesn’t do too well to defend itself from the abrupt and rapid change in temperature.  It also quite susceptible to disease and other health hazards.

Every day a new problem causing health hazards is cited. The environment is degraded up to this level that it is making human body mare prone to various kinds of diseases. Various common problems faced by a human body are headache, indigestion problems, joints pain, backache, etc. Human Central Nervous System (CNS) consists of Brain and Spinal Cord. Backbone (Spinal Cord) provides shape to the human body. It is mostly affected by the diseases causing severe lower back pain which is one of the most common problems by the entire mankind is suffering. It may be cause severe effects to the patient if not treated properly and in time.

Various diseases (epidemic as well as non epidemic in nature) can be the reason of the severe lower back pain. The common among them are sciatica, cystitis, pleurodynia, sprain, etc. One of them is described below.

Sciatica is the disease which deals with the pain in the sciatic nerve (the nerve which runs from the lower portion of the back down to the legs). The cause of this severe lower back pain is the unusual and forced exertion of the body part which can cause a strain in the roots of the sciatic nerves which is located in the lumber (lower back) part of the spinal cord. The pain is goaded by small activities causing sudden jerks to the body like sneezing, coughing as well as flexion of joint in neck. The treatment to avoid and alleviate this severe lower back pain causing disease is the regular exercise as suggested by a physiotherapist or orthopedic. However the pain is reduced if body parts are kept in the position causing minimum traction on the sciatic nerve.

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