Facts about Severe Lower Back Pain

Severe lower back pain is among those common diseases by which every four in five people are suffering from.

If proper treatment is not done in time it may cause a severe consequences to the health of a patient. Patients may have to suffer for a long period of 12- 16 weeks if it is not diagnosed and treated in time. The region which is affected the most is the lumbar region. If treated at early stage this severe lower back pain rarely affects the patient.

The important facts about the severe lower back pain can be listed as follows:-

  • Strains in the muscular tissue caused by various factors including improper posture while sleeping, hard physical work or exercise, etc.
  • Rupturing of the soft tissues of the lower back portion caused by the wear and tear due to the old age or regular over activities
  • Over stretching of fibers in of the ligaments supporting a joint which may be caused by the strained and forced movement of the body parts (especially the limbs) beyond the range of their extension.
  • The most common disease causing this severe lower back pain is sprain
  • Symptoms of this disease include abrupt and sudden pain followed by the bulging of the areas surrounding the joint, stiffness of the joints, and black-and-blue patches which are caused by the bleeding into the joint.
  • The joints like wrist, ankle and knee, joints of finger as well as toe, and sacroiliac joint located in the lower portion of the back are the major and common areas which are the soft targets of the sprain.
  • The treatment for the severe back pain consists of the several steps including support as well as safeguard of the affected joint by the use of several adhesive bandaging. The graded workouts are also very helpful in this case. Surgery is also required for this severe lower back pain to reunite the detached ligaments.

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