Go for immediate treatment if you have severe lower back pain

Lower Back pain is the most commonly occurring musculoskeletal disorder which may occur due to the misuse of the back muscles or by exerting too much load on the back. Lower Back pain requires effective diagnosis and proper treatment so that one can identify whether the problem is temporary and can be cured within a short span of time or whether it is a severe lower back pain.

If the pain is acute then it can be improved by taking some precautions such as avoiding too much of physical exertion, proper medication, physical therapies and some exercises. But is the problem is of severe lower back pain and becomes difficult to cure then some severe treatment needs to be done by consulting a good doctor.

Identification of the symptoms of lower back pain is very important. Firstly one needs to know how the pain occurred. It may be due to a fall or injury or due to the lifting of some heavy objects or due to muscle pull. If one is suffering from spondylolisthesis then consulting a doctor and taking inflammatory medicines can be of great help apart from exercising as suggested by physiotherapists. During muscle pull one can opt for physical therapies such as massage, heat etcetera and use anti-inflammatory medicines. Many people suffer from arthritis that affects spine, even then medication and therapies can prove beneficial. But if it turns into severe lower back pain then immediate steps should be taken by consulting a doctor.

There are several pain management techniques that help reduce pain apart from exercises and physical therapies, such as spinal manipulation which can be used for mobilizing back pain.  Electronic rays or ultrasonic stimulation can give instant relief from pain.

In case of severe lower back pain, if all these measures turn out to be in-affective then prolotherapy which involves facet joint and steroid injections might work apart from surgery which is the only option left.

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