How Exercises And Stretches Can Help Lower Back Pain

Modern lifestyle affords very little chance for exercise and our poor eating habits also results in people adding a lot of unhealthy calories which most of the time get deposited in the abdomen and low back areas.

The secret in preventing low back pain and controlling it lies both in selecting some well selected lower back pain exercises and stretches and also on a healthy choice of food. Nonetheless, unfortunately is it all too common to take the not so great path of constant medications use through pain killers and steroids. These pain killers and steroids at best offer symptomatic relief and if they are continued for a long period of time they result in a number of avoidable side effects. So it is very important to choose some good lower back pain exercises and stretches in consultation with your personal physician or physiotherapist.

There are a number of such lower back pain exercises and stretches and one of them are now discussed.

The most common exercise is to lie on your back and raise your head and move it upwards till it takes the shape of an arc. Simultaneously you should also move your leg towards the backside of your head till it resembles a full arc or a bow. Once having achieved this you should try and catch hold of your toe with the help of your hand from the backside. This is a wonderful exercise which helps in relaxing the entire spinal column and also helps in making the lower back muscles supple and flexible. It also enables movement of more blood to these muscles which play a great role in increasing supply of oxygen and nutrients to these muscles. However such lower back pain exercises and stretches should be done slowly and gradually and you should not rush it through. It should also be done for a considerable period of time.

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