How To Get Immediate Lower Back Pain Relief

Whether we like it or not, most of us have the habit of using common pain killers or NSAIDs (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs) for management of acute and chronic low back pains. The problem with these NSAIDs is that long terms use of the same could lead to a host of problems ranging from gastric irritation to kidney and liver damage. Hence it is always better to restrict the use of NSAIDS and steroids only to the minimum levels. Instead it would be better to treat low back pains with exercise and other alternative lower back pain relief options.

Though there are a number of such lower back pain relief alternatives available, it would be better to have a clear understanding what is lower back pain and how it is caused. It would be pertinent to understand that most of the lower back pains are caused because of strain on the back muscles. The strain could be due to natural factors or due to some accident or trauma. The intensity of the pain can also vary from mild to severe depending on the cause of the strain to the muscles. For example, if low back is caused by slipped disc, then the pain may be accompanied by a tingling sensation in the lower extremities.

If a person has injured his back by lifting some heavy weight, the best lower back pain relief as an initial relief you should lie down with your legs supported by a pillow underneath. This is important because it will help absorb the stress on the injured back muscles. The next thing would be to contact a physician and go by his advice.

Heat and Ice therapies are also supposed to work wonders in cases of fresh injuries. Particularly, if there is a swelling the best initial treatment is to go in for an ice and heat treatment. The therapy has to continue for at least 15 to 20 minutes. However, if the pain gets worse it is better to discontinue and take the opinion of a physician.

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