How To Get The Best Out Of Lower Back Pain Stretches

Almost seven out of ten people in the world must have suffered from some kind of lower back pain in their lives.

Basically there are two types of lower back pain i.e. acute lower back pain and chronic lower back pain. Acute lower back pain is due to a trauma or injury caused to the lower spinal column or some muscles surrounding the lower back area. This pain though very severe is of temporary nature and can be controlled by medications and some light lower back pain exercises and stretches. However the chronic lower back pain is something which is very difficult to handle and most patients give up on treatment and learn to accept it as a way of life. But the problem does not stop here and over the time this chronic lower back pain become so unbearable that many patients become bed ridden and in extreme cases some of them also are crippled for life. They need not have gone to such situation had they believed and practiced some common lower back pain exercises and stretches.

To get the best benefit of these exercises there are certain points that need to be considered. First and foremost it is very important to find out the route cause of such low back pains. Quite often the pain could be due to some underlying cause related to some vital organs like the kidney and the liver. Kidney infection, kidney stones and liver infection could also be the cause of such low back pains which should be ruled out by tests and examinations. Once this has been done it would be advisable to choose the right lower back pain exercises and stretches strictly under the advice of a physician or a physiotherapist.

Once the exercise has been identified the patient should be regular in doing these lower back pain stretches.

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