Lower Back Pain and Constipation

The presence of lower back pain is often sudden and caused by varying conditions or physical stress on the body. An often overlooked possibility is the correlation between lower back pain and constipation. An impacted bowel is unable to eliminate waste properly and therefore increases pressure on the intestinal tract which causes lower back pain. The ability to assess the cause of pain and take direct steps to eliminate the source of the pain requires a thoughtful and thorough approach which includes understanding the effects of the bowel on lower back pain.

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain and ConstipationSudden or acute lower back pain is the most common form of back pain. The pain that is felt after strenuous exercising or stretching can be attributed to sore muscles and present as an ache in the general area.  This pain will subside with adequate rest, lifting, posture and supportive devices that enhance the lower back. Lower back pain and constipation is a chronic low grade lower back pain that does not get better with rest and is not related to a movement or known problem.


The elimination of waste is required to achieve and maintain optimum health. When the process of elimination is interrupted for any reason a person is said to be constipated. There are varying opinions on the daily requirement of waste elimination, however most experts agree that a daily movement is a sign of a healthy intestinal tract and the daily release of fecal matter should be the goal.

Causes of Lower Back Pain with Constipation

If the cause of lower back pain and constipation is suspected, then it is imperative to understand what causes constipation and steps to eliminate waste. The uses of laxatives are a short term solution that offers immediate relief, but it is not thought to be a long term approach. Constipation can be caused by medication, dehydration, poor food choices and anxiety. Once a trigger is identified and the cause of constipation uncovered a natural approach is far superior to the quick fix solution of laxatives, enemas or colon hydrotherapy. Often an increase in fibre and water will return the body to a regular elimination schedule.

Lower Back Pain and Constipation

The impacted bowel impacts the lower back and causes a pressure that is constant and resembles a dull ache. This ache goes away when the bowel is empty and returns as the internal pressure builds. If elimination occurs and the lower pain still exists, it may be due to a blockage in the intestinal tract that does not allow for a full emptying of the bowel. If this is the case, a doctor will be required to determine the next steps to elimination and healing.

Lower back pain and constipation presents as a dull ache that does not increase nor does it decrease until a movement passes through the bowel. Lower back pain can exist on its own and be related to other causes however, constipation can exasperate an already painful back problem. As mentioned above, measures that can be taken to treat constipation such as increased fibre and water intake, colon cleansers and hydrotherapy.

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