Lower back pain in women: Fun and Engaging modern therapy

Lower back pain in women assumes chronic proportion with advancing age and may surface any time in the healthy life process due to improper postures adopted and putting undue pressure on the vertebral ligaments.

The therapy recommended by doctors often fails to exhibit the intended results owing to non compliance by patients of the methodical treatment procedure laid out. This can be attributed to the drab nature of the treatment which fails to motivate them.

To address this issue, such training device is required to be devised which will draw automatic compliance from women by keeping them motivated in real time. Valedo Motion like training device is a boon for women getting pestered by lower back pain. The system provides enhanced feedback by tracking the movement of trunk in specific actual time.  The system creates a simulated environment resembling a game which stimulates the patient. Two wireless sensors capture the movements of trunk and transfer them into the simulator. The Simulator then provides adequate guidance with tailored exercises specifically designed to resolve the lower back pain. Lower back pain in women gets tremendously reduced through this kind of unique therapy. The exercises can be modulated to suit a woman’s specific back pain intensity level, and the simulator can design and present more efficacious and challenging exercise regime.

Lower back pain in women takes a backseat through the application of this simulated therapy that is now also clinically approved. The women are bound to follow the exercise regime extensively owing to the fun and engaging aspect of the simulated environment. Women get adequate insights into the role of the sanctity of body movements through real time feedback. This will augment their awareness and will keep them away from defaulting postures.

The greatest advantage is that the patient’s progress and the entire therapy gets well captured and documented for resolving any future problem about lower back pain in women.

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