Lower back pain in women: Gynecological linkages

Pertinacious and never ceasing lower back pain in women can have their roots in gynecological troubles afflicting the women. This new revelation may open up a whole new dimension in devising methods to fight the back pain problem in women.

German Association of Gynecologists, nicknamed BVF has divulged this critical information in a Munich press release. Women who persistently complain of recurring lower back pain near the sacrum and lumbar vertebrae present the glaring examples of   gynecological linkages of the back pain. BVF further disclosed that such pain may not restrict itself to lower back only but may extend further to affect the abdominal linings in the anterior region and the groin. It is advisable to immediately consult a gynecologist once the above symptoms appear on the surface to stop further proliferation. The acuteness of the pain will be most experienced in the lower back region as this region is subject to constant movement for working women and housewives. Lower back pain in women should not be ignored as mere irritant, but a gynecologist should be approached at the earliest to get scrutinized for any gynecological origin of the pain.

In most cases of gynecology attributable causes, the reproductive organs have the origin of pain stored in them. In such cases, the lower back pain in women will be accompanied by sensation in the bladder due to building pressure; urgent urination feeling; burning sensation while urinating or defecating; and discomfort while having sexual intercourse.  BVF cautioned that a majority of the above symptoms are overlooked by most women in the initial stages resulting in recurring lower back pain in the later stages.

Lower back pain in women that appears on regular basis along with abdominal discomfort, during the pre menstruation period may be attributed to benign tissue multiplication in the women’s uterus. Endometrium will get cyclically thickened along with it and the tissue proliferation will appear on endometrium or on muscular layer of uterus. Such back pain generally afflicts middle aged women.

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