Lower Back Pain Relief for Pregnant Women

The spine and back are intended to provide substantial strength in protecting nerve roots, spinal cord and other lower body parts. However, hormonal changes or changes such as pregnancy can lead to various lower back pain problems. Lower back pain during pregnancy is a common scenario since; the expanding of the uterus and, the way a woman’s body undergoes various hormone imbalances it is likely to happen.

Lower back pain during pregnancy is a normal complaint as in the whole woman’s body develops changes, from gaining weight to walking grace. There are many ways for a woman can treat her lower back pain problems by just sitting at home. Below mentioned are some tips to consider that boots the lower back pain problem during pregnancy.

  1. Practising good posture: When a baby grows within, majority of the body weight shifts forward and, to elude falling the body leans back for the support hence; the strain is experienced in the lower back. There are some good postures that help in reduce the lower back pain during pregnancy such as by sitting without locking the knees, standing tall and straight, keeping shoulders back.
  2. Sleeping on the side: A pregnant woman should always try to take a nap by sleeping on the sides and, not on the back. This helps reduce the lower back pain during pregnancy.
  3. Lifting properly: While lifting, always remember to bend down from the knees, a squat position is recommendable. A pregnant woman should never bend directly this may lead to serious injury. If the doctor is not recommending, to any lifting things, do not do so.
  4. Exercising: Well, not too much but a little bit of stretching exercises is beneficial in lowering the back pain problems. However, consult the doctor before indulging since it is risky to take up without any prior knowledge.

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