Lower Back Pain Relief Techniques

Lower back pains can really be very difficult to handle. Though most of the low back pains can be handled easily and they remit by themselves, quite a few people suffer from chronic lower back pain that indeed are very painful and debilitating at times. There have been quite a few cases where some people have been crippled and restricted to the bed because of severe and chronic low back pains.

Though there are lot of medicines and drugs for treatment of low back pains, it would be still better to be aware of some common lower back pain relief treatments that are safe and yet effective. These treatments can help as the first line of defence and help in further treatments.

Many people may be not be aware of this but deep breathing is considered as a very effective lower back pain relief treatment. It has been found that whenever people suffer from low back pain they tend to breathe heavily. This results in heightened stress and the pulse rate also goes up. This could add to further increasing the low back pain. Hence, deep breathing exercises can help calm and soothe the nerves and eventually help control the low back pain till a more permanent cure is found. Meditation has also been found to be very effective in managing low back pains and history has it that Indians and Chinese have used it to very good effect.

However, this requires concentration and practice but is considered by many to be a very effective lower back pain relief treatment.

Massage is also considered as a very good method to relax the muscles and done in combination with meditation and deep breathing it can give the patient very good results. However, the massaging has to be done by experts who have experience and skill set in this field. Too much pressure on a particular nerve or muscle could in fact aggravate the pain, rather than reducing it.

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