What Causes Lower Back Pain on the Right Side

Lower back pain on the right side is a common complaint of many people. Luckily, the cause is usually easy to diagnose which is crucial for the problem to be remedied.

Poor Posture

While it sounds simple, poor posture is one of the most common causes of lower back pain on the right side. This is because posture is responsible for stabilizing the muscles of the back and the ligaments and tendons of the spine. When a person repeatedly leans to one side or places too much pressure on one side over another, the resulting de-stabilization of the muscles and the spine can create pain on one specific side of the back. This is the most common cause of pain and the easiest cause to remedy.


Lower Back Pain Right SideInjury can also result in lower back pain on the right side. Injuries can include muscles strains, blunt force traumas, penetrating trauma, damage to the skin due to burns or freezing, bone injuries and fractures. How the injury affects the posture and nerves of the back will determine where the pain can be felt. Obviously injuries that occur on the right side of the body will often result in pain being felt there, but injuries to the left side of the body can often result in pain on the right as well.

Changes in Bones

Lower back pain on the right side can very often be created by changes in the bones of that area. As bones grow they often irritate the muscles and tendons around them. This irritation can cause pain. The same is true as bones change due to deterioration. Aging and other medical conditions can cause bones to weaken and deteriorate. Like bone growth, deterioration of bones also irritates the surrounding areas, resulting in pain. Changes in bone formation could also result from the growth of large tumors or injury to the bones.


One of the typical causes of lower back pain on the right side is often overlooked. In women, pregnancy can often lead to the development of pain on one side of the back. This is because pregnancy alters the formation of the body considerably. As the fetus grows, it often places pressure on the bones, tendons and ligaments of the back, resulting in an irritation of the nerves. This irritation of the nerves results in pain and discomfort. This pain may get worse as the pregnancy continues or the body’s posture may shift and provide some relief.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are a very common cause of pain in the back and since only one of the kidneys could be affected the pain will be centralized in that location. The kidneys filter the blood and sometimes the build-up of calcium in the kidneys creates kidney stones. As these calcified stones grow larger they place more pressure on the organ, which causes pain. Kidney stones can be either passed or removed, but they are considered to be extremely painful.

Determining the cause of right side lower back pain can help the patient begin to resolve the problem. In many cases simple exercises or stretches can cure the pain.

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