Lower Back Pain Treatment Options Available at Home

Back pain is an uncomfortable condition that hinders your daily activities in life. You must concentrate on understanding the causes of such lower back pain and look for treatments. With the inclusion, of some modalities in life along with correct stretches and exercises as lower back pain treatment you can make your life much more active.

Various massage devices are available over the counter that can offer you some amount of relief. But the homemade modalities are easily available and can comfort you well for sure. These methods do not involve large expenditure of money. You can alternately use the heat and cold therapy, for lower back pain treatment with many helpful effects. A hot rubber bag containing water or a heated sock containing some uncooked rice in a microwave for some time can apply the heat. The heat applied in the injured area relaxes the muscle by increasing the blood circulation in that area. The area becomes less tight, and you can feel some relief. Cold therapy, on the other hand, tightens and constricts the painful muscles. You can prepare an ice bag with crushed ice in a plastic bag or use a bag of frozen peas to apply on the painful lower back. Application of cold bag helps to reduce the swelling in the area if you happen to have some swelling. Alternating the two therapies you can heal the pain by putting the area to sudden shocks.

You can practice some strengthening exercises as lower back pain treatment. You must consult a professional to know the exact kinds of exercises that can help you in lessening the pain.

Do not just rush to laser or electric shock lower back pain treatment options, right away without trying the home remedies. It can save you money and cause less trauma to your whole body’s well being.

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