Lower Back Pain Treatment with Simple Exercises

Exercises if practiced in the correct way can bring all kinds of solutions to your health issues. Simple exercises can bring relief to chronic suffering from lower back pain. One can try some easy to perform exercises as lower back pain treatment before seeking serious help.

The first of lower back pain exercises regime is the shift and lift. One can do it while working and need not take extra time out off their daily schedule to do it. Make sure not to communicate with others while doing it as it can lose one’s concentration. By practicing this particular exercise, one can sooth the muscles that get tightened due to constant sitting in the same position. All one has to do is to lift one buttock muscle and keep it tightened for few seconds and relax it to normal position. Repeat such technique 15 to 20 times each with buttocks.

The second lower back pain treatment exercise is the hip sway one. It can be performed at any time while standing and help to relax the muscles that get exhausted and cause pain due to prolonged standing in the same posture. One can get a lot of relief as hip sways provide blood circulation in the lower part of the body. While doing this, one needs to relax the right knee and sway the hip to the left side for a few seconds and bring it back. Similarly, repeat the same thing with the swaying of hip to the opposite direction.

Another exceptional lower back pain treatment exercise is lifting of weight while standing straight. Take a bag and put in it few weighs to make it a bit heavy. Stand straight and bend the right hand to reach the bag and lift it and stand in upright position. Do the same thing with the left hand and see what excellent results are achieved.

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