Muscle strengthening exercises to support the lower back in Women

Ligament sprain, muscular strain, injury or overdriving the back are prominent causes of lower back pain in women. Medication as prescribed by a doctor is the best means to get over the acute pain. Post recovery rehabilitation period should see taking recourse to exercises that target the lower back region, to keep the pain from resurfacing.

These exercises aim at strengthening the core muscles of the spinal region which will provide able support to the lower back region to withstand effectively any onslaught of stress and strain. A variety of exercises should be amalgamated in the right proportion for reaping the desired outcome.

Aerobic exercises helps to maintain a positive body weight healthily distributed homogenously throughout the body. This saves the lower back region from bearing the brunt of oncoming strain. A healthy cardiovascular system and strong heart will ensure proper flow of blood to the lower spinal area thus preventing any occlusion of arteries. A low impact activity like walking should be the stepping stone for embarking on such exercises. As the body gets accustomed to this exercise, the length of time devoted and intensity can be augmented suitably. Going for recumbent bike in the gym will also gently tone up the lower back muscles and will bid goodbye to lower back pain in women.

Strength training carried out under the guidance of a trained instructor contributes immensely towards strengthening and toning up of core spinal muscles. Injuries should be avoided by not overdoing the exercises and abdominal area should also be focused. A toned up and tight abdomen will amply support the lower back and keep at bay lower back pain in women.

Stretching exercises will induce greater resilience in the body that will fight the onset of lower back pain in women. Flexibility of the body will keep the vertebral ligaments from stiffening and getting subjected to sprain.

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