13 Natural Tips to Relieve Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Here are 13 great natural ways to ease lower back pain in pregnant women:

pregnant woman bending forward
Bending forward is not recommended
  1. Tip One: In case, you are lifting weight from the floor, carefully bend your knees. The back should be kept straight. However, it would be wise to avoid lifting weight during pregnancy.
  2. Tip Two: Keep your back as straight as possible.
  3. Tip Three: Do not bend while sitting on chair. Also avoid bending forward. Resting on elbows bending over knees is a strict no-no.
  4. Tip Four: Take additional back support while sitting on chair. You can also use a pillow for the same.
  5. Tip Five: It is not a good idea to cross your legs while sitting. Also avoid locking your legs.
  6. Tip Six: Your shoulders should be relaxed while sitting. When walking or standing, pull shoulders back.
  7. Tip Seven: You must keep your legs apart while standing. This will give adequate support to your lower back.
  8. Tip Eight: If you have been standing for a long time, it is wise to shift weight on legs from time to time. This will keep you back and legs relaxed.
  9. Tip Nine: Strictly avoid jerks. Quick movements are a no-no.  Impulse movements may prove to be damaging for your body.
  10. Tip Ten: Avoid sleeping straight. Sleeping on right or left side is known to be the best option to relieve lower back pain during pregnancy.
  11. Tip Eleven: Keep one leg over the other while sleeping on sides.
  12. Tip Twelve: Do not wear foot wear that have heals. Smooth and comfortable foot wear is really necessary.
  13. Tip Thirteen: Massage can be very soothing during pregnancy especially if you are suffering from lower back pain.

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