Natural Treatments for Lower Back Pain

It is always beneficial to find natural techniques of lower back pain treatment. Such ways do not cause side effects and can bring magical effects to one’s pain. Usage of various herbal combinations can give long-term relief to back pains.

One must make sure he is taking all kinds of vitamins in right proportions. Vitamin B12 deficiency is a leading cause of back pain. This deficiency can cause irritability in nature, depressive state of mind, panic attacks and memory loss. Ensure the intake of foods having vitamin B12 in them as lower back pain treatment.

Application of Capsaicin Cream can have beneficial effects in lower back pain treatment. This cream is prepared from hot chili peppers and cause the same effect on the back as it does to the food. Wonderful relief has been reported after its use. Care must be taken not to touch the eyes, as it can be harmful. Gloves must be used for its application. This cream is readily available in the majority of drug stores.

Herbal products like Chamomille can cause excellent healing in swollen areas of back pain. Brome lain and Saw Palmetto are also reported giving extreme relief in inflammations. These are potent lower back pain treatment alternatives. Try using the Willow bark on the infected area and see what magic it does. It works like the aspirin medicine and reduces the swollen portion of the back and gives relaxation to the muscular region thus, alleviating the pain. Wild lettuce also helps pain reduction.

Lower back pain treatment includes the use of herbs like Feverfew, Devils Claw and burdock. Use these in subtle combinations and look for pain remedies. Indians often use warmed up turmeric on the back pain region and are found to get enormous relief from back pain. Cater to traditional ways before gorging onto new methods for relief.

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