Nonspecific Causes of Lower Back Pain Left Side?

Lower back pain left side can affect a person’s life to a considerable extent. Mild pain is short-lived, but it if the pain is prolonged, a person must seek the help of a doctor. There can be several causes of a lower back pain. Nonspecific causes are the most common types of causes behind this kind of pain.

The nonspecific lower back pain causes include all the mild causes of back pain. The only disadvantage of nonspecific causes is that they are not specific. There are no evident causes of such problems. This article will discuss some of the nonspecific causes of lower back pain left side.

Facet joint strain – This can be one of reasons behind acute lower back pain, left side. The spinal cord is made up of bones that are overlapped by vertebrae. The structure thus formed is called facet joints. These joints are prone to sore with rigorous stress and pressure. Thankfully, this problem is not very grave as pain relief balms and pills can do the magic in this regard. According to a recent research, a mixture of anti-inflammatory pills and a bit of spinal manipulation can help in alleviating this type of lower back pain.

Aging variations – With age, joints and ligaments undergo significant changes. Age can lead to stiffness in the facet joints that are situated at the back.  Degenerative disc disease can lead to central pain.

Sacroiliac joint pain – The sacroiliac joint is a stable joint. This joint can show problems with limited movements or extensive movements. This can lead to lower back pain, left side.

Referred pain – This is a pain that is felt at a distance from the actual site of the cause. For an instance, a problem in the gall bladder can lead to pain in the shoulder blade.

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