Obesity and Lower Back Pain in Women

Getting overweight spells doom for women in variegated ways, prominent among them being the resurgence of lower back pain in women.  Obesity has negative impact on the lower vertebral column and conduces to development and progression of pain in lower back region.

The augmented pressure owing to accumulation of extra flab in the abdominal and back region will put sufficient stress on the lumbar region that is difficult for the inter vertebral discs to stand. In the long run, this mechanical stress will result in slipped disc paving way for acute lower back pain in women. Obesity indirectly affects the discs of vertebrae region by gradually giving rise to atherosclerosis which hampers the flow of blood to the lumbar spine.

Women who start gaining abnormal weight by the age of twenty three are bound to complain of lower back pain within a short span of ten years or so. The delicate biological setup starts facing the adversity relatively early which will make the pain chronic in the later stages. With the advancement of age, it gets really difficult to get rid of unwanted body flab and lumbo sacral radicular symptoms starts surfacing prominently which indicates to persistent and recurring lower back pain in women, mostly above forty. The symptoms start adopting a more degenerative nature when the women cross their fifties. Numerous researches in this regard have concretely linked lower back pain in women with their excessive body weight.

It is recommended to religiously follow a daily workout schedule for working women or those involved in sedentary jobs. This is to be complemented by a balanced diet of light nature. Eating too much at one go is detrimental to health and the diet is to be distributed throughout the day to keep extra flab from accumulating. Mothers who have conceived should never miss on exercises in the post pregnancy period.

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