Preventive Measures for Lower Back Pain in Women

Lower Back pain is likely to affect most women because with women engage in somewhat repetitive daily activities, some of which include significant movement and even heavy lifting.

But, the onset can be averted significantly by taking recourse to certain preventive measures. This may also hold true for women whose age is gradually advancing. Ageing takes its toll on women in the form of diminished bone mass, reduced power and slack elastic behavior of muscles and ligaments of the vertebrae column. All this foretell lower Back pain in women, but these effects can be decelerated considerably, although not completely shunned.

The primary action is to strictly adhere to a daily workout regime which will ensure the strength and agility of the lower back muscles. This will enhance the resistance of ligaments towards frequent exposure to unhealthy postures and lifting techniques that may render them stiff and vulnerable to functional impairment. Next, no awkward and unhealthy movement technique or lifting procedure should be resorted to. Taking guidance from the orthopedist or television health shows can help in this regard to direct one to proper course of locomotion. If one faces difficulty in handling a cumbersome or heavy object, she should avoid over asserting herself and invoke help.  Thirdly, a balanced diet containing the right mix of nutrients should be consumed in bouts spread across the day. This will keep the woman from getting overweight and the body will be adequately nourished too. Obesity has been clinically proved to exercise relatively high pressure on the lower back muscles. Smoking can also give rise to lower back pain in women, and hence should be avoided. A drooping posture should never be assumed while sitting, reclining or walking.

Resorting to the above preventive measures will keep the lower back pain in women away and will do away with the need of surgery.

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