Severe Lower back pain – a common disorder found in many people

The skeletal and the muscular system in a human body not only provides structural support to the body but also induces activities related to movement, working, resting, as well as in performing strenuous jobs. The muscular system that combines with the skeletal system forms the basic part of the vertebral column that joins in with the back. The lower back forms one of the most important components in the human anatomy.

There are numerous disorders associated with the lower back and one of the most commonly known is the severe lower back pain that has many causes initiating it.

There are various causes that lead to severe lower back pain which is a disorder and is a common one. The most common cause is the straining and rupture of the ligaments attached to the vertebral column. One of the most reasonable incidents that lead to severe lower back pain is the back breaking tasks of lifting heavy weights, physical over exercise and strenuous jobs. These activities lead to the spraining of the lumbar muscles that connects the thoracic cavity of the body and serves as a connector between the bones and the muscles.

Severe lower back pain can be effectively treated in the most indigenous ways and it can be treated without the help of any medical advices. A couple of bed rests, some light works, reduced working activities. If properly diagnosed by thermal imaging, X-rays and ultra sounds, these disorders can be taken care of at an early stage by proper medications. But if left unattended they can become chronic and spread out in wider areas all over the body sometimes affecting the internal organs as well along with abdominal pains.

Severe lower back pain can be very nearly introduced in diseases list as for its common occurrence in the human body. Treatment can be induced as well as inhibited to prevent its growth.

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