Severe lower back pain – a severe problem

Lower back pain, also known as lumbago, is a muscular disorder which is found commonly amongst people. Recent survey has shown that nearly eighty per cent of the people are affected with this pain at some point or the other during their life time.

Lower Back pain is of different types, it can be acute, sub-acute or chronic. Severe lower back pain is usually quite chronic, that is, it is difficult to cure and is also long lasting. If strict measures are taken thenĀ  this kind of pain problem can be improved within few weeks , but if a person is suffering from a severe lower back pain then it becomes a little difficult to get rid of.

Most of the back pains are due to musculoskeletal problems which may be because of sprain or strain on the muscles or tissues. This pain affects a person adversely if he or she tries to do some physical work that exerts a lot of pressure on the back thereby affecting the spines.

If the pain is acute then it lasts for not more than four weeks but if it is sub-acute then this problem may extend up to twelve weeks. In case of a severe lower back pain, more than twelve weeks might be required to improve the problem.

The most effective way to prevent or reduce back pain is exercise. Consulting a physiotherapist who can advise on the kind of exercise one needs to perform and the physical activities that should be avoided, is the best solution to prevent the reoccurrence of this pain. In fact physical therapies such as heat, massage, some kind of electrical and stimulation can also prove quite beneficial. If the problem of severe lower back pain still continues then surgically it can be cured such as spinal fusion, laminectomy, and discectomy etcetera.

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