Severe Lower Back Pain – affecting many people

The most common disease which affects more than 80% of the world’s population is the severe lower back pain. This pain or a disorder can prolong for 3 months or more if proper care is not undertaken and diagnosed. Severe lower back pain generally affects the lumbar region spreading over a wider region in the back. The ailment can be a real nuisance if its treatment is not done at an early stage.

Causes & Effects of Severe Lower Back Pain

The main reason for getting severe lower back pain is due to some physical muscular strains and ruptures of soft tissues. A common example of a back pain occurs during old age, physical over exercise and over activity of muscles during lifting weights. These events sometimes lead to a torn ligament that subsequently causes pain.

The lower back pain affects more than the lower back sometimes even extending its area over the rib cages and the thoracic cavity region. The pain is subsidiary which increases depending upon the activities of the body regarding the use of back.

Prevention & Treatment of Severe Lower Back Pain

Severe lower back pain can be best prevented by performing light exercises of the back and physiotherapies. Ample amount of bed rest can also reduce the pain. The best way to diagnose a back pain is by thermal as well as X ray imaging and ultra sounds.

The best way to treat a severe lower back pain is by self treatment and by incorporating applications of heat and cold massages. There are certain mattresses that converges the pain to a single point of the body and are treated perfectly at that point. The deliberate reduction of activities that might induce pain leads to regeneration of the torn tissues and muscles. Treatment can be best enclosed in self care for the body as well as limited exercise. The final step in inhibiting this disorder is surgery which is performed only when the disease brings in new side effects in the body along with pain such as leg weakness, bowel inconsistency and abdominal pain also.

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