Some Common Lower Back Pain Relief Tips

There are many types of lower back pains and the causes for each and every type of pain could be due to various reasons.

However, according to research the most common reasons for low back pains are injury, trauma, stress, postural defects (sitting, walking and sleeping) and overweight problems. Depending on the type of the problem, the pain management should also be in sync. Though people still believe in taking anti inflammatory drugs and steroids the problem with these drugs is that they are at best short term in nature and they offer only symptomatic relief. The other alternate route is to look for some lower back pain relief options that are simple yet very effective.

Exercises are a very effective way of managing and controlling low back pains and there are some very easy stretching and other exercises which go a long way in helping people suffering from low back pains.

The type of exercise that you will be doing as a part of lower back pain relief management technique would depend entirely on your comfort level and the type of lower back pain that you are suffering from. For example, if the lower back pain is due to stress then the best option would be to lie down and sleep for a few hours. In fact this is the best medicine for overcoming stress related lower back pain.

Doing simple stretching exercises in the morning or any time of the day convenient for you may work wonders for back pains. Ball exercises are known to have cured some chronic low back pains within a few months of doing such exercises. There are also some other effective lower back pain relief exercises such as swimming, cycling and plain and simple walking. Whatever is the type of exercise, it would be better to take the opinion of the doctor before getting into any particular exercise.

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