Some Facts About Severe Lower Back Pain

The anatomy of the lower back can be modeled as the region which includes all the muscular as well as the skeletal part that can be composed of the various functions it provides in that region. The vertebral column is an integral part of the lower back and contains the spinal cord and various nerves and blood vessels associated with it.

Severe lower back pain is commonly known as lumbar strain and is usually divided into two distinct terms, the acute pain and the chronic pain. This pain generally occurs due to certain stimulus and injuries in the muscular part of the back. The strains due to wear and pull of the ligaments and tendons cause injuries to the tissues that connect the spines and the related bones around it. But the main affecting region is the back muscles and common nerves of the spinal cords. This stimulates pain over a specific region on the back.

Causes of Severe Lower back pain

There are various causes of severe lower back pain and some of them are

  • Physical over activity
  • Heavy load lifting
  • Accidents
  • Pregnancy
  • Kidney problems
  • Tumors

These basic problems may be affecting most of the people all over the world as severe lower back pain is one of the most common disorders which are suffered from.

Effects of Severe Lower Back Pain

There are a number of affects of severe lower back pain that spreads over a large area on the back. It sometimes leads to abdominal pain as well as creates side effects in the form of intestinal disorders.

Treatment for Severe Lower Back Pain

There can be numerous treatments for severe lower back pain and one of the best treatments is self treatment. There can be various methods to diagnose a back pain and light exercise, ample bed rest, care for the body; electronic imaging can prove useful to inhibit back pain.

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