Stretches for Lower Back Pain

Stretches for lower back pain are extremely effective in tackling debilitating discomfort in the lumbar section. However, you need to be extremely careful when incorporating these exercisers in your workout routine.

Stretches for Lower Back Pain

It will serve you well to remember that unlike regular workout regimens, the concept of “no pain, no gain” does not hold true when it comes to stretches for lower back pain.

The Cat Stretch

This is among the simplest stretches for lower back pain; yet it is remarkably effective. The best part of doing this exercise is that it can be performed easily and safely. The movement is ideal for a morning workout or a winding down exercise session done in the evening. The is one the few stretches for lower back pain that entails gently arching the spine which enhances flexibility and stimulates the paraspinal and spinal muscles.

How to Do the Cat Stretch?

The simple cat stretch can help to improve comfort and aid in ease of movement. Kneel in the crawling position on your hands and knees on the floor or on your bed. Raise your head and allow your belly to sink downwards with your back arching; feel a nice stretch before getting out of this position. Now, do the stretch in the opposite direction by dropping your head and raising your spine to form an upward arch. Try to rest your chin against your chest.

Adding to the Cat stretch

It is important to remember that the movement should only be done as far as it is comfortable. The stretch should be repeated 5 to 10 times while holding each position for a few seconds. Try to increase your range of movement slightly each day and once you are comfortable with this routine; add coordinated breathing to the exercise. Exhale when getting out of the position and inhale when expanding your belly towards the floor. Do the opposite for the second movement in the cat stretch.

The Mobilizer

This is one of the more complex stretches for lower back pain. This exercise has been divided into two parts; if the first part seems particularly cumbersome, it is highly recommended that you stick to the basic cat stretch. This routine aims to add hand movement to a standing position in which your back and hamstrings are stretched. The mobilizer helps to alleviate pressure on the lower back and mobilize the body.

The Basic Mobilizer

Stand with your feet apart at hip width with your knees bent slightly. Drop your chin to your chest and bend forward gently at the waist till your hands touch your knees. Use your hands for support and bend your knees as required for comfort. Now straighten your right knee while bending your left knee further and feel the stretch in your spine and hamstring. Straighten your left knee and try the stretch with the right knee bent. Repeat 5 to 10 times for each leg.

The Advanced Mobilizer

For the advanced mobilizer, you will need to bend your body at the waist far enough for your elbows to reach your knees. As you bend your left knee and straighten the right leg, with your right arm, reach for the ceiling like you are trying to screw in a light bulb. The spine will be stretched here as you twist your body. The body weight should be supported by your elbows. Feel the stretch and repeat in the opposite direction, you can easily do 5-10 sets.

Because lower back discomfort can be attributed to a myriad of underlying health concerns, it is imperative to get the condition evaluated from your physician before including stretches for lower back pain in your workout sessions.

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