The connection between Smoking and Lower Back Pain in Women

Smoking has become synonymous with a modern lifestyle, but it is now being associated with lower back pain in women. Most doctors are now acknowledging the fact that chronic smokers run a high risk of not reaping the desired pain relief even after application of assorted efficacious therapies.

Lumbar fusion and spinal fusion surgery are done on women who are chronic victims of low back pain or report a slipped disc. Solid fusion is desirable after surgery to recuperate effectively and painlessly for patients. It is critical to quit smoking before undergoing surgery. Significant researches have proved beyond tangible doubts that a chronic smoker will countenance tremendous difficulty in obtaining a solid fusion. In the rare case, where a solid fusion comes the way of a smoker, she will not be bestowed with the same eventual result that will go the way of a non smoker. In short, smoking is prejudicial to reaping a permanent relief from lower back pain in women, if she is an avid smoker. Hence, it is advisable to refrain from smoking prior to surgery and after that too keeping in mind the costly nature of the surgery, pain undergone and the length of time taken to recover and get a positive outcome.

Furthering shedding light on the vicious relationship between smoking and lower back pain in women, the study disclosed that smoking will eventually lead to blockage of arteries which will gradually give rise to prospective degenerative lumbar spine ailments i.e. lower back pain in women. The inter vertebral discs develop disorders of degenerative nature in the long run owing to smoking. Women who are undergoing rehabilitation course to recover from back pain should quit smoking too for medications and injections to exhibit their desired outcome. Keeping in mind to avoid smoking will see off lower back pain in women.

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