Treating Lower Back Pain with Yoga Therapy

Suffering from lower back problems is a critical phase in life, as one cannot concentrate on their work. To give complete performance, a person needs to be in decent health conditions. People feel confused and often go for lower back pain treatment that are expensive like surgeries or chiropractic appointments and take analgesics that can harm the liver.

Yoga has some wonderful stretches as perfect lower back pain treatment option. With the practice of yoga, one can give the entire body the exercise it requires for maintaining in fair condition. All acute pain and chronic pain patients are recommended yoga therapy.

Many gyms provide yoga classes but one can choose the comfortable home environment for performing yoga. Select few loose fitting, comfortable clothes and large floor space for doing yoga exercises. Have a yoga mat to give full support.

The first yoga exercise as lower back pain treatment is to lie down flat on the ground straight and bring the legs upwards to the tabletop position. The next thing to do is to straighten the hands and rock the whole body from side to side. By making sure to have the back rested on the ground one can prevent severe injury. This is called the palm tree pose.

The second yoga lower back pain treatment can be cat pose or bidalasana. In this posture kneel down with knees and palms facing like a cat. Then make efforts to arch the body backwards while exhaling and tuck in the stomach while inhaling. Repeat this a few times.

The third effective lower back pain treatment yoga pose is the locust pose or shalaba asana. In this asana one has to lie straight on the floor with face towards the ceiling. Then it involves the lifting of the head while looking at the ceiling and bringing both hands and legs together up, as well. Make sure the abdominal portion is at rest for prevention from any injury.

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