Uncommon Causes Behind Lower Back Pain Left Side

Lower back pain left side is one of the most common types of afflictions, and at the same time the most mysterious one. The cause of most back pains is nonspecific, when it is not possible to derive the cause of the pain.

Mostly, lower back pain left side happens due to common and less serious causes. However, in the rare occasions, there may be a serious underlying cause. This article will discuss the uncommon causes behind lower back pain left side.

Paget’s disease – It is a disease of the bone. This medical condition involves the formation of bone out of synchrony, when compared with the normal remodeling of bone. This medical state may lead to deformed and weak bones. Paget’s disease can cause localized pain in the bone. People, aged above 50, usually experience it. Genetic reasons are considered to be a possible cause behind this disease.  This disease can be diagnosed with the help of X-ray. At times, a bone biopsy is recommended to ensure the accuracy of the diagnosis of the disease. Some doctors find scanning of the bone to be useful in determining the severity of the disease. Aspirin and similar anti-inflammatory drugs can treat this disease properly.

Cartilage infection – This is another uncommon cause behind lower back pain left side. Septic discitis and osteomyelitis are considered to be rare diseases.  These medical conditions result in localized pain and are often associated with fever. These are serious medical states and may require long-term antibiotic treatment.

Infection of the pelvis – Infection or bleeding of the pelvis is another rare ailment that is seen in people who are consuming blood-thinning medicines. Complication of certain medical conditions like Crohn’s disease, diverticulosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc. can lead to lower back pain left side.

These were some of the uncommon causes behind lower back pain, left side. It is best to visit a doctor to find out the actual cause of the pain.

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