Using Yoga for Lower Back Pain

Yoga is a holistic discipline that strengthens the core muscles in the body and aids in enhancing flexibility. While yoga for lower back pain may lack the intensity of some of the other routines; the passive approach can prove remarkably beneficial when alleviating minor discomfort or even excruciating pain in the lower back. The yogic postures or asanas are meant to stretch the various muscle groups.

Bal- Asana or the Child Posture

Yoga for Lower Back PainThis is one of simplest asanas of yoga for lower back pain and it can be used as a warm up and a winding down exercise. To do the bal- asana, start by kneeling on the yoga mat while sitting back on your heels with your legs folded behind and your buttocks at rest on your feet. Bend forward till your forehead touches the floor and place your hands behind you, next to your feet. Breathe gently and maintain the posture for 5- 10 seconds, repeat 5 to 7 times. If you cannot touch your head to the floor use a mat or pillow.

The Tada- Asana or the Mountain Posture

While the tada- asana seems to be easy, do not let its simplicity fool you; this is an extremely popular and effective asana of yoga for lower back pain. Start by standing with your feet together against a wall and your heels touching the surface of the wall. Hold your body taut with your hands at your sides and palms pointing down. Tighten your knees and buttocks and pull in the abdomen while you lift your chest. Look straight ahead and breathe evenly; hold position for 30-60 seconds.

The Ardha- Chandrasana or the Half Moon Posture


Stand in the tada- asana position and place a block on the right side of your body. Raise your arms to shoulder level and turn your right leg out with your right foot parallel to the wall; bend the right knee so that your right palm reaches the block. Now, raise the left arm towards the ceiling and raise your left leg parallel to the floor with your weight on the straightened right leg. Your spine should be parallel to the floor and your hands, both right and left should be parallel to the wall. Hold position for 20 seconds and repeat on the other side.

Titali- Asana or the Butterfly Posture

This is a sitting posture of yoga for lower back pain; start this position by sitting straight with your legs extended forward; now bend your knees so that the soles of your feet are drawn together in the crotch area. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor at this point. Press the folded knees downwards with both hands without allowing the heels to be raised. Bend the body and place the elbows on your thighs. Inhale and press the thighs down and allow them to come up on their own when exhaling. Attempt 20-30 times.

The Sarp-asana or the Snake Posture

This is a face down posture of yoga for lower back pain; this asana works on the muscles in the back and abdominal area. Lie flat on your tummy and clasp your hands behind your back. Keep your feet together with your soles flat on the floor and heels pointed upwards. Inhale and raise your neck, chest and legs while balancing your weight on the abdomen. When you need to breathe, do not get out of the position; simply tilt your body to the left or right. Do 10 to 15 rolls at first and increase gradually to 30-50 rolls.

Yoga experts suggest that practitioners should not unduly stress their bodies when doing the different asanas. When performing the postures, you should be comfortable and should not experience any pain at all.  Ideally, it is recommended that you learn yoga for lower back pain from an experienced instructor or a reliable source.

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